Welcome to Washington, DC – The nation’s money is a city with community museums and monuments galore, but also hidden gifts which should not be overlooked. garage doors northern virginia Whether you are in Georgetown, downtown, as well as in Upper Virginia, and whether you are alone, hanging out in with friends, or arranging a intimate day, we provide recommendations for eateries, bars and actions that will match your preferences – all on a limited budget.

To begin with we list eateries that give you a great price to choose exemplary food. Then there are some bars with excellent deals that you’d be mad not to use out. We share some actions that rise above only visiting the capitol building. We also combine a few of well known ideas to produce a “cheap day” guide that will make you search anything but; ideas that can help you impress you woman (or boy) pal without clearing your wallet.


Miss Saigon (3057 M St NW, Georgetown) – This Vietnamese cafe is nestled among a few the others want it – but nothing rather of the same quality – proper as you enter Georgetown. Search around the selection and you will find a filling portion of meat, greens and rice for between $10 and $12. Our favorite is the Caramel Chicken with Ginger in a Clay Pot, but when you intend to read the whole selection, you can check it out here thanks to DC Choices!

Tom Sarris’New Orleans Home (1213 Wilson Blvd, Arlington) – Hop down the City at the Rosslyn end and go a block south to discover the best perfect rib in town. Dinner entrees charge between $10-$15, depending on how much meat you would like, but in addition, you get endless visits to the salad bar, and it’s no standard salad bar. The Steamboat-shaped bar has around 30 salad toppings, 7 dressings and loads of hot bread. Be mindful or you will not be starving as soon as your record of perfect rib arrives. You’d really miss out on a good price for a fantastic cut of meat. The atmosphere is unquestionably remarkable as well. Inside there are no windows, allowing the ornate decoration to lead you to trust you are really on Bourbon Road in New Orleans!

Bangkok Bistro (3251 Prospect St NW, Georgetown) – Discover all the basic Thai meals only at that cool Georgetown joint. Begin with a Thai Iced Tea for a sweeter and creamier variation of the original (they include half’n’half). Then you can certainly pick one of multiple meal entrees for under $10 – and each of them begin with a salad and the selection of tangerine vinaigrette, peanut, or creamy garlic dressing (I recommend the peanut – you are in a Thai restaurant). If you should be in the temper to shop, try sharing the Special Surrender (fried grape Shrimp). Want anything that’s not as mad? The Thai BBQ Chicken has obtained talk reviews. And needless to say if you simply do not know what to select, you can’t make a mistake with the Pad Thai.

Ollie’s Wagon (12th and E St NW, Downtown) – If you are downtown and yearning greasy goodness, Ollie’s is the spot to go. Easy to choose by the scarlet and orange d├ęcor on the windows and pleased cook cutout pleasant you in, the atmosphere inside is just as laid-back and fun. The popular “Olliefries,” German fries with Ollie’s key seasoning, are a positive crowd pleaser. Fit them with a beefy burger and a heavy milkshake, all for under $8.

Drink Packages

Rock Base (4238 Wilson Blvd, Ballston Mall, Arlington) – Positive it’s a chain, but their choice of microbrews and daily deals ensure it is rather the local hangout. Make it happen in early stages Saturday days to take advantage of $1 pints! But prepare yourself, because by 6pm, the bar will undoubtedly be packed. Four “usuals” and four deals offer enough variety for everyone’s palate, from the gentle to black lovers and all those in between. And odd as it may seem to drink at the mall, we can’t complain – it really causes it to be that much simpler to get to! You can park in the Ballston Mall storage or get the neighborhood to Ballston quit, that leads you directly into the mall.

Tom-Tom (The reel in Adams Morgan) – Adams Morgan will offer some good offers through the week, and Class Therapy is one of the best around. This Thursday evening promotions four drinks and four (small) shots for just $10! As an added bonus, this bar boasts many previous college Nintendos and Super Nintendos for those who desire to recapture a little their youth.

Tombs (Prospect and 36th Sts NW, Georgetown) – Positioned in the cellar below 1789, this bar, well-liked by the Georgetown School crowd, offers somewhat cheap beer and some good offers on food. Busch gentle is obviously $1.60 for a mug, and $7.00 for a pitcher. The drink prices rise from there. For individuals with more advanced tastes, arrived at Tombs on Sunday days for half priced bottles of wine. (This particular can be offered at Clyde’s on M road in Georgetown, which can be under the same management.) If you are starving, end by from 3-5pm or after 10pm for a variety of cheap food including burgers, sandwiches, chicken fingers, and appetizers.


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